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  • Greeting all. I just posted this to the wp-hackers groups and figuered that was wrong since this is a support issue. (more like dumb user issue).

    Here is my code:

    $post_email = get_post($email_post_id);

    The functionality is pretty basic. I’m calling get_post with an ID that was determined earlier in the code. This does properly populate the ‘post_email’ variable. I’m calling ‘setup_post’ as someone suggested in an article I found in these forums.

    My problem is I’m building an HTML email I need to get access to the formatted post output. Normally on a page I would just call the_content() and the properly formatted body would be displayed. Problem is the the_content() function will echo the formatted output to the screen. I need to redirect this same output instead to a local variable to be echoed to the HTML email content.

    So how is this done? I know someone somewhere has done this before.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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