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  • The only thing I noticed is the inconsistent use of <p> and <br> respectively, to shape the text.
    They both are styled differently!
    Insert <p> instead of <br> and your problem probably is gone.


    I finally got it. The only way the formatting would be correct is when I pasted the copy into Word and then into the Word snippet in the editor. And, I had to remove the image and start over.

    But, it’s fixed now. 🙂

    Thanks a bunch!

    Well done. Please don’t forget to mark the thread as ‘resolved’ [in the right sidebar]

    I wouldn’t say this should be marked as resolved. Nobody should have to paste copy into ms word and then paste into wordpress.

    Anyway, I tried this fix and it didn’t work. It’s still ignoring paragraphs.

    Here is the page I have it on:

    Please help.

    Nvm, not using this plugin anymore, but I still think you should look further into this issue before marking it as resolved.

    rbergeron81, I’m having the SAME problem. What plugin are you using?

    Plugin Author devnz


    I will look further into this and try to fix this issue with the next release, which hopefully will be soon.

    Thank you very much but what is the ETA? This was posted two weeks ago and I don’t see an update in the WP plugin repository. My client’s site is set to launch in three days and I need the the update ASAP or a new plugin. I’m happy to donate to get this expedited!

    Plugin Author devnz


    Have you tried this fix?

    I have not updated the plugin yet as I have not had time to work on it.

    It sort of fixes it. Viewing the individual testimonial page itself, yes it works. However, when you go to the overall testimonial pages, it’s in duplicate. It shows the properly formatted testimonial and ALSO the UNFORMATTED testimonial. So, how do I fix it where the only the properly formatted testimonial show? Here’s a link to my dev server where you can see what I’m talking about:

    Hi Kelley,

    I just ended up building my own testimonials system and imitated some of the styles from this plugin.

    Bummer! Ok, looks like I’m going to have to do some real digging for one that works properly. 🙁



    devnz, when might you work on this? Would a donation help speed this along? I don’t have another plugin that has the basis of this one. Please… 3.6 is coming out and this is going to break more!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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