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    Hi Mike,
    I wrote some stuff in another thread about linking tiles to specific pages and selecting their photos and what-not. the “link [post] to page” plugin solution that another user offered seems to be helping me towards my end goal. Now, however I’m running into some serious issues with the shortcode commands.

    The specific page I’m working on is:

    I’ve placed 3 instances of tiles on this page to illustrate the problem I’m having, hopefully you (or someone) will see this and be able to help me; I’m probably overlooking something stupid.

    Here are the shortcodes I have placed on the page.

    ‘[wp-tiles template=”Home” posts_query=’category:Photography’]

    [wp-tiles posts_query=’numberposts=5&post_type=page’]

    [wp-tiles posts_query=’numberposts=2&post_type=post&category:photography’]’

    I’m trying to use Post Categories to isolate the pages that I would like tiles made for in any particular instance. In the first group of tiles, the 2 main tiles are correct, they are linked to the correct posts, these are the only two tiles that should be showing as there are only 2 posts in the category, yet the rest of my posts show up too in the smaller boxes below. (Also, Is the use of the colon with the category modifier correct? as opposed to using an equal sign like in the examples?)

    The second set of tiles is the ‘post_query’ example from the settings panel. I can change the ‘numberposts’ value and the number of tiles shown will change. For some reason, this command will not work in conjunction with the ‘Category’ command.

    The final line of code represents what I think the shortcode I use should be. I need to display 2 (or any specified number) of tiles, using only posts from the ‘photography’ category. I don’t even necessarily need to be able to specify how many tiles should be displayed, I just would like it to only use the category called and exclude any post that is not in that category. What am I doing wrong?

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  • about categories, the answer has been already given by Mike in another post. the syntax is [wp-tiles posts_query='category=3']

    where “3” is category id

    Thanks Macie! Do you have any idea why posts that are in other categories are still showing up at the end of the group of tiles? I just dont want them to show unless they are in the category specified.

    I can call a category and those posts will show up first, but then the rest of the posts will just populate in at the end of the correct ones.

    in by blog it works fine, by I did some corrections to my wp-tiles instance described in another thread:

    maybe test it with your instance ?

    Plugin Author Mike Martel


    Hi guys, I’ve been incredibly busy so not on to it for support. I’ll put in Macie’s fixes in the plugin itself shortly and then see if Tony’s problem still persists. Will come back soon!


    Hi Mike! Haven’t been able to work on my site for a bit (finals at College) but as far as I know, I have the tiles cooperating at this point using the tricks ive found in these threads. I’m sure i’ll eventually have more questions, but I got everything initially figured out.

    How difficult would it be to have a slideshow of images, or a random image show up instead of just the featured one on the post page?

    Also, making the text area pop in or out on mouseover for a bit more responsiveness? Is that doable? I feel like I may have seen another thread about it, i’ll go look around.

    Thanks Again Mike! Great Plugin, really making my site look great

    Hi. I study the same topic recently, that is adding some responsivness to the tiles.

    It is relatively easy to replace a tile content after page load and this can be done without changing the wp-tiles itself.

    Each tile is 2 divs: the first defines the box, the second defines its content – background image, url and so on:

    <div style="left: 278px; width: 129px; height: 129px; display: block;">
    <div id="tilediv1" class="tile-bg" onclick="..." style="background-color: #ffffff; background-image: url(...);" >

    So you can launch a short script after page load which replaces the content in the box with different content.
    It can be another div with slider embedded or whatever you want.

    I made a short test here:

    The solution is static, that is you will have to code each time which tiles are replaced with which content on which page (if you use paging).

    Adding full support is another story.
    Ideal solution would be that wptiles are looking in posts not only for images but also for other elements eg <divs> of some class, to be presented as content. You would be able to embed a video, slider in the post with div, the rest would be automatic.
    Not sure if thats feasible with WordPress. I will dig.

    Plugin Author Mike Martel


    Hi guys, I had some trouble updating the plugin earlier, but I’ve just uploaded 0.4.1, including all fixes by Macie and pagination for categories.

    Having a slideshow of images on the tiles is a cool idea and definitely doable in the way that macie hacked the tiles in the post above. I’ll consider adding this as a feature in a future version of the plugin.


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