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  • I’m trying to integrate WordPress into an already existing website here.

    It’s pulling the content from the WordPress blog all right, but I’m assuming my website is stripping the WP of all its formatting (the WP entries are on the left, starting with February 14). How can I prevent this from happening? Any help would be appreciated!

    By the way, this site was not PHP initially; I only changed the index.html file to index.php so that it would recognize the WordPress.

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  • @nelfichu, yr question is quite confusing…

    But, from my side I would like to suggest you:

    1. Install WordPress
    2. Activate theme and..
    3. Update your database

    Then, do not worry about changing index.html to index.php,and all of other problems.


    I already have WordPress installed and up, but I want to integrate it with an already existing webpage as opposed to using WP’s index and trying to match its theme with my webpage.

    I already have my blog content appearing on my webpage (it’s the text on the left), I just want to know how I can get WP’s formatting to show up (as opposed to how it is now, with the text all the same size, no paragraph breaks, no headers, no bold or italics).

    Sorry if my initial post was confusing!

    I assume you mean that the titles and dates have no styles? They actually are not coded as anything except text in the <div> for that section — so there is no styling attached to those pieces of text — except for what is inherited from the enclosing elements. So something is missing or getting stripped, yes. Since you have an unconventional set-up, don’t know how you can fix that.

    But you could convert the whole site to WP and/or don’t “integrate” them except having a link to and from a regular WP install of the blog section.

    ^Yeah, there’s no styling on them on that page, but in my WordPress Dashboard, there’s definite styling within those posts. I don’t really want to convert the whole site to WP when I just want a bit of blog integrated on the front page, and since the blog would act as something like regular news for the site, I don’t want to just link it out either.

    I know there’s no simple answer, but I was wondering if anyone else out there had experience putting WordPress into a pre-existing webpage. I may just have to ditch the WordPress portion altogether; I was just looking for an easier way to keep the main page of my site updated without having to constantly edit the index.html file.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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