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  1. eduguytoo
    Posted 5 years ago #

    The ongoing issues that are effecting the visual and html editor, also known as Tiny MCE, has been reported on this forum for years, yet we still do not have a fully functional editor, without disabling large portions of the code base, I searched this forum for some explanation and or a fix, however there does not appear to be any real solution other than removing the editor and stripping out the code from the process, this seems unproductive and should be addressed.

    I include several threads that are in some cases years old, yet this problem still exists today, in version 3.2 is there not a solution to this issue, It is really frustrating to spend time developing code then to have that code removed, as some kind of misguided method of (cleaning up) after a faulty editor,

    For example if you enter the html mode, and enter in line breaks, and or other html code, such as a you tube video, it will stip it out at a later time and date, perhaps long after you have lost track of that particular code or video it does this without asking it is really irritating, when you have code that you "think" is saved in the database and it gets removed without any indication that it ever existed.

    Can we please have this issue fixed, I would like to be able to develop my own html code, from my own sources, I could just upload it manually but that sort of defeats the need of using the platform to begin with.

    See these previous threads concerning this ongoing issue.






  2. You can enter in line breaks with the Visual editor by using shift-enter, but yes, that's a know issue, and it's how TinyMCE works (which is used by, but not written by, WordPress). There's no perfect GUI editor yet :/

  3. eduguytoo
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Yes, I am looking at the issue from the perspective of developing a solution so far, it seems like a real hassle, I remember back in the old days when they first started using this editor, it was a real mess, and in some ways it still is, with the popularity of facebook iframe apps, youtube iframe, video, and other embed type implementations it only makes sense to be able to develop editing that works under those methods, however, that does not appear to be the goal, I would really love to see a better method.

    Thanks for taking time to post, and reply.

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