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Formatting issue

  • For some reason the text in the posts on my homepage is formatting incorrectly. The top post is fine, but the ones below it the text is turning bold and formatted wrong out of nowhere. This just happened randomly. When you click on the post, everything is back to normal, however. Any idea what could be causing this? The blog URL: haironthebrain.com


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  • whooami



    i dont see anything wrong in ff or ie. try again.

    also, what youre describing doesnt happen randomly. it happens when you dont close a <strong> or an <em> tag, etc .. in one of your posts.

    so when you see that go back and LOOK at what youve done.

    i figured out the problem partly. the top post is causing it. when i saved it as draft and removed it from the homepage, everything went back to normal. any idea what could be in that post that affects the css on the home page?

    check it out now again…it’s still messed up.




    hmmm….i removed the “more” tag and it went back to normal. not sure why this happened. it’s never done that before. how can i prevent that in the future? thanks for the help whooami!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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