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  • My blog was fine until a couple of days ago, but now (on the front page of the site only), the sidebar text doesn’t start until the same level where the content text ends – you can see what I mean on the site at

    I don’t know enough PHP to troubleshoot the problem (I’m guessing it’s some kind of problem with the main template because the other “pages” are formatted fine. Please let me know what other information I can post to help explain the problem better. I’m using the Jakarta 1.5 template.

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  • Try searching for “sidebar drop”. It’s usually something to do with a graphic or other content that’s too wide for either the post section or the sidebar.

    Also, check out this:

    You can’t c & p from Office or Word – it adds too much extraneous formatting. Use Notepad or similar basic editor or C & p from Word into Notepad to strip tags then into WP.
    Likely you just need to edit your last post or 2 and correct the bad tags.

    I have the same problem

    …p://”><img border=0″ src=”

    and it also finds allot of “>” if I change to another tema it works, how to fix?

    If this was not a problem until a few days ago and you DID NOT change any of the theme code, then I bet the problem is something you posted. Perhaps a picture or embedded video that is too large for the post width!

    strangely enough, i tried to install a clean new one, and as soon as I use this tema it doesn´t work, som probably it have to be something wrong with the Tema, sad I liket it 🙁

    Thanks, everyone, for your advice! I did a search as someone upthread suggested, and it told me to go into “view” of every post to see which one was causing the problem. I narrowed it down to a post from a couple days ago, re-coded the post, and everything works great now. You have no idea how much I appreciate the help and the quick response.

    good for you, I will try some more also!
    I´ll be back with result!
    I will try with a total clean install, and if not that will work I will scrap the tema and select a new one!

    I have tried now, clean 2.04 install, Tema WP-Andreas01 1.3, english, no changed setup. Seems like this Tema scrues up the text, it gives error codes, with default wordpress. WP-Andreas06 does work!

    He he, I saw that it´s not working with WP2.0+

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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