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    I’m having some real challenges getting my Easy Pay set up. I purchased the “Starter” plug-in and it’s not very intuitive or user-friendly for someone like me who’s not technically minded. Furthermore, the help pages that are linked to the plug-in are both out of date and incomplete. They show set-up pages that don’t look at all like mine and they don’t offer the information I need. For example, I’m trying to set up various extra fields on the form template. There is information like “for more details, see Text Fields”. When I click on the link, it has nothing to do with text fields. If I enter “Text Fields” in the Easy Pay knowledge base, I get no information.

    I’m still in test mode (not live) so there’s not an active web page I can link to for you to see.

    I would love any help that other users can provide. Here are my specific questions:

    1. I embedded the button code and it now appears on my test web page. However, the button size is too small. Is there any way I can enlarge it?

    2. I have one item for sale, always at the same price, so I entered the “button price” as $30.00. I assumed this meant that every transaction would be processed at $30. However, this amount doesn’t show up anywhere on the pop-up transaction form. Shouldn’t this be visible to the customer? Furthermore, the form always generates an error message, saying that the amount should be more than “1.” Clearly, then, the payment form is not recognizing an amount.

    So – I checked the box that allows the user to enter an amount. The amount field is a bit confusing, though, because it does not use a $ sign, nor does it allow for dollars and cents. If I was the customer and asked to enter an amount, I would expect to enter “$30.00” but the box seems to prefer just “30”. Is this the only way for this box to appear?

    3. I’m using the multi-line text box, but it’s too big for my purposes. Is there a way I can shrink the size of the box?

    4. The text size within the multi-line box is too small and doesn’t match the text sizes in the other boxes on the form. Is there any way I can enlarge the text?

    5. The header text on the payment boxes (card number, expiry date, etc.) is in bold. The header text on the extra fields I’ve added (name, email address) are not bold. Is there a way I can make these additional headers bold so they all match?

    5. I’ve set up the Admin & User email notification templates. When the emails arrive, the text is one long run-on string. It certainly does not look very professional. Is there any way I can format this to improve the appearance?

    6. I’ve been running a variety of tests as I experiment with different formats. The Admin email always arrives, but the User email stopped coming after the first couple of tests. What might be the cause?

    Thanks to anyone who can help with any of these items.


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