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  • Hello folks

    I am new to wordpress and in the process of setting up my site located

    I have “published 3 articles and found that I can’t make any progress with the following issues- (I am not familiar with php.)

    1) I seem to have no control over the formatting (Fonts, paragraphs etc) despite installing the WYSI wordpress plugin.- The site looks a mess indeed.

    2) I am unable to see the comments box so as to allow readers to leave comments.

    3) I am unable to install or see RSS support which is essential to my sites effectiveness.

    4) I cannot even delete my test post !! or display the articles in short form.

    I have searched the codex pages up and down and can’t seem to find a clue to get me out of this position and I need to have the site up and running tonight/ tomorrow morning as I am leaving town for a few weeks.

    Any help would be very much appreciated,


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  • Okay, we like having one issue to deal with per post. But let’s take a stab at the easy things.

    The look of your site is controlled by the Themes. If you aren’t happy with the Theme and it isn’t showing you the comment box (which might only show up when you have comments TURNED ON in the Write Post Admin panel when you write the post), then switch Themes.

    Controlling the fonts and presentation are controlled by the Theme’s style sheet in style.css. If you make a change there, make sure you are changing the right Theme in the right folder and that you fully refresh your browser screen after making the change. See:

    I don’t know what you mean by “display posts in short form” but I can only assume you mean show excerpts or “short” versions of the post on the front page and that is controlled by using the Read More <!--more--> button labeled “MORE” on your Quicktags, the little buttons above your textarea where you write your post. Put the cursor where you want the info to “stop” on your front page and click the button. See:

    As for the feeds, they should be working automatically. Make sure you have the latest version (click the bold DOWNLOAD button at the top of this screen) and check to see that the theme you are using has the feed tags listed in the sidebar or footer, where they generally tend to sit. If they are there and not working, post a note to the forum about the “Feeds Not Working” and a link to your site and someone will test it for you.

    I hope that covers most of it.

    And consider using this article to guide you through some of these things:

    Thanks very much Lorelle I shall have a go with your suggestions and report back.

    Any Idea where I can find a working copy of a Theme called Rubric along with the template file?
    I have looked around and no examples I found seend to work for one reason or the other..I really like it on a site I have seen.

    I did find and installed the Rubric Theme and I love it..Thanks Marc.. However It seems to work more or less perfectly in FireFox 1.0.4 and crap in Internet Exploror!
    I haven’t a clue how to effectively deal with this and frankly haven’t found the mental space just yet.
    I wondered if there was a front end /client program that deals with this issue because I can’t accept that wordpress users have to mess around like this just to post a simple blogg

    If anyone would be kind enough to test my RSS feeds for me I would be so grateful.

    For the moment I am so tired of wordpress.. I am not new to computing and all I have done for the last month is bounce from 1 problem to the next..
    Last move I deactivated the not so good text editor in order to access the “More” function Lorelle told me about and blew my formatting to hell yet again!
    If I’m permitted to be honest here I am just sick to death of it.
    Why can’t the architecture and funtionality of themes be done to a uniform standard so they ALL work and have the same functionality and support the core in the same mannar?.

    One suggestion I can make re themes- wherever you see the theme, and it’s being used on the site where you can download it, test the whole theme- in other words click on archives, click on individual entries, click on comments, click on WP Pages, click on every dang thing. See that it all shows up more or less the same in that theme and that it all works, and if it doesn’t, then consider looking for another theme. Next, see if the pages that use the theme validate at — and they needs to validate for both xhtml and css. If validation turns up errors, run in the other direction and find another theme. Last, check the theme in a bunch of different browsers BEFORE you download it. If the theme passes all these tests then you’ll probably be able to get it working, and you’ll probably be happy with it.

    Doing a little testing before you download and install a theme can save you a lot of time and a lot of headaches! This is especially true if you are relatively new to xhtml or css or php and maybe don’t know how to customize or fix a theme yourself.

    I am having a feed problem. It just brings me to a not found page when I click on rss and comment feed. The URL is

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    collusion – your feeds are fine.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Myword – your feed is fine in FeedDemon on this url:

    Brilliant PODZ..Thanks yet again.

    I am still not seeing my feeds.

    I figured it out. For some reason it is putting the word feed in front of my url for example

    instead of

    Anybody know why it is doing that?

    That’s how it’s set up right now, even though most of the functionality for that system seems not yet to be in place…. I believe you can delete the word “feed” without compromising anything….

    I fixed it. The problem was the “feed:<?php which I removed the feed: so it wasnt included in the link. Now it works fine at

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