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  • Hello.

    I can’t figure out this issue for the life of me, and I’ve spent about 2 weeks on Google looking for the answer, so hopefully someone here can help me.

    Essentially, the posts themselves are rendering my page differently than the main forum listing is, and I don’t know why.

    Example: <— Notice the position of the content and the right sidebar. <— Same template, but the content and sidebar are not staying within the container outlined in the CSS.

    Originally, the site’s footer wasn’t loading in posts either, but through monkeying around, I was able to fix that somehow…not sure what I

    Anyway, the answer is eluding me, so I’d be grateful if someone who knows a bunch about the WordPress script could look at my source code and tell me where I’m screwing up.

    Also of note, loading the files in the footer into index.php screws everything up…almost like anything after the php info in index.php is what’s causing the issue…but again…it’s only in posts. The blog homepage renders fine.


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