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  • Fault can be seen at
    In the menu column, the 3 categories at the bottom are formatted differently to the way I want them, which is how the rest of the menu looks.
    I don’t think it’s the Winamp listing causing the problem.
    I do think it’s because having made a lot of changes to the page, I ran it through the validator and found I had created numerous errors. I’ve corrected them all, the page validates, but I must have closed a tag prematurely. Problem is, I just cannot see which tag, or where.
    Not a huge problem, and it’s all my fault, but if anyone fancies glancing at the source, I’d be very grateful !

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  • Podz,
    I just ran validation on your page after I saw a < br > tag that should be < br />. Anyway, there are 21 errors showing, so perhaps you didn’t upload your fixed file. 🙂

    Ah …. just checked that.
    All the errors relate to one diary entry (one of those cut’n’paste quiz type things) and the reason they did not show up for me was that I’ve been trying to put an archive hack in place, and now I see everything I’ve written (I’ve posted this in the Hacks forum)
    I’ve deleted that post, so it validates again.

    I’m pretty certain that the bottom portion of your menu has inherited the font settings for your WinAmp song list. Maybe you could create a new .winamp class in your stylesheet to style the WinAmp stuff, and remove the in-line styling.
    Alternatively, you could move the WinAmp listings under the menu items.

    Thanks Craig !
    Winamp hadn’t in fact affected it, but moving it showed that I’d actually overtagged, and nested another layer of ul and li tags. I’ve knocked them out, and all is well 🙂
    Many thanks !

    You’re welcome…but you found the problem yourself and fixed it! I just took a guess!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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