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  • Getting outside content into WP’s UTF8 character set usually seems to be addressed this way:

    I wrote [a post] in MS Word.. then pasted into notepad, and then into WP post box.

    1) Has anyone discovered a way, -or a program, that will do this WITHOUT losing any formatting from the original text?

    I receive a lot of FORMATTED emails – fairly long documents with italics, underlining, and some bold, etc. that need to be cleaned up into UTF8 Unicode before they can hit WP. Notepad creates only plain text conversions (it’s actually a conversion to ascii, not UTF8, but this is bland enough to also pass for it.

    I actually have heard of a couple of conversion apps that will convert to UTF8 and leave formatting INTACT – WorldPad and JEdit, for instance – but they all seem to have to change the file type to xml along the way.

    Can WordPress use a xml format, or is there a way to convert from xml in UTF8 to a regular UTF8 format that WP CAN use(with the formatting left intact)?

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