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  • Hi Andrea

    I use the CSS Columns plugin to format the placemarks list into 2 or more columns.

    I also use these CSS rules to only display the titles, and to reduce the font-size and the space between titles:
    .bgmp_list-link {display: none;}
    .bgmp_list-description {display: none;}
    .bgmp_list-placemark-title {margin-bottom: 0.1em; font-size: 80%;}

    Finally, my theme (Weaver II Pro) includes a show/hide shortcode so the list (which on some pages can be pretty long) can be revealed or hidden at will by site visitors.

    CSS Columns doesn’t give multiple columns with IE8, but for that browser the display simply reverts to one column so you are no worse off than before 🙂

    Here is an example of a page using the above plug-in and CSS rules (the list is under the map).

    Hope this helps.


    Hi Gillian,

    Thank you very much for the great ideas. I need also a special sequence of the placemarks to show an ordered list, so finally I used some above mentioned css element and “hacked” the list :), it means that first I generated the list with the plugin/short code, and then I updated this source manually based on my prferences and created 2 columns with an another plugin (Column-Matic: in this case I should know and fix the Nr. of the columns). It works also under IE. The Nr. of the placemarks will remain unchanged, so it doesn’t need often an update.

    Thank you and congratulation to your Polio page!

    Thanks, Andrea 🙂

    I had looked at the Column-Matic plugin myself, but the placemarks in my applications do increase regularly so the CSS Columns plugin meets my needs better as it automatically adjusts the columns as placemarks are added. It is wonderful that there are so many creative and generous souls out there who volunteer their time to produce plugins that do just what we need for different sites :-).

    Hi Gillian,

    Would you mind sharing how you did the view on map? Where did you get the placemarks id’s, did you manually make them or are there id’s for each placemark?


    The ability to view a placemark on the map when using the bgmp-list shortcode was added in version 1.10 pg the BGMP plugin so make sure you have that version installed.

    Them simply put the paraameter viewonmap=”true” inside your bgmp-list shortcode eg

    [bgmp-list categories=”yourcategories” viewonmap=”true”]

    I’m not sure what you mean by placemark id’s but the bgmp-list shortcode retrieves the list of placemarks (and you can tweak the output like I did above, if you wish).

    Hi Gillian,

    can you advise me how to access the actual list so that I can place it into columns?

    At the moment all I can see is [bgmp-list viewonmap=”true”]


    Hi wotnow

    It sounds like you want to do what H_Andrea described earlier in this thread (3 posts before my last post). If so, you may need to ask her for further advice on how she did it.

    However, if you want the placemarks which are output by the bgmp-list shortcode to be automatically displayed in columns you can install the CSS Columns plugin as I did (and also described earlier in this thread).

    Hi Gillian,

    Thanks for getting back to me. My theme comes with a shortcode to wrap around list items to make columns. My problem lies with how do I add columns around a piece of shortcode, ie [bgmp-list viewonmap=”true”]?

    I am assuming the shortcode generates the list from the individual placemarker pages.

    Yes, the bgmp-list shortcode generates the list from the individual placemarker pages.

    In the page on my site that I linked to earlier in this thread, I put these nested shortcodes in my page:

    [columns count=”3″ gap=”2em”][bgmp-list categories=”NSW” viewonmap=”true”][/columns]

    The outside shortcode comes from the CSS Columns plugin, while the inner one is the bgmp-list shortcode.

    Actually, because I also want the list to be closed until a visitor clicks to open it, I have the above shortcodes inside yet another shortcode, this one comes from my theme (Weaver II Pro), so the complete shortcode structure on my page is:

    [columns count=”3″ gap=”2em”][bgmp-list categories=”NSW” viewonmap=”true”][/columns]

    Hope this helps 🙂

    Hi thanks yes I can see now what you did. My column shortcode wouldnt work with it, so I installed CSS Columns and worked like a dream. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    No problem – glad you got it working 🙂

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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