• Hello guys,

    Iam tryring to get Values from a Form which i have included in the FronEnd (RadioButton Value and Text Input Value) to display in the WordPress
    BackEnd or AdminPanel, so I need to have a Admin Menu to get the Values, a specific user (E-Mail Adress) entered in the Form and display this Values in the Backend.

    I am using a Newsletter Plugin its called MyMail for WordPress. I want to know why Users unsubscribe to my Newsletter by letting them check Radio Buttons with Reasons or write a Text in a Textarea input.
    I modified the unsubscribe form and added some radio buttons and a textarea heres the code:


    $html = ”;

    $html .= $this->get_styles();

    $action = ‘mymail_form_unsubscribe’;

    $html .= ‘<form action=”‘.$this->get_form_action($action).'” method=”post” class=”mymail-form mymail-form-submit mymail-ajax-form” id=”mymail-form-unsubscribe”>’.”\n”;
    $html .= ‘<div class=”mymail-form-info ‘.$infoclass.'”>’;

    $html .= $this->get_message();
    $html .= $this->message;
    $html .= ‘</div>’;
    $html .= ‘<input name=”hash” type=”hidden” value=”‘.$this->hash.'”>’;
    $html .= ‘<input name=”campaign” type=”hidden” value=”‘.$this->campaignID.'”>’;


    $html .= ‘<div class=”mymail-wrapper mymail-email-wrapper”><div class=”mymail-form-fields”>
    <div class=”mymail-form-info-checkbox”>
    <fieldset id=”gruende”>

    • <label> <input id=”one” class=”.myCheckbox” type=”radio” name=”reason” value=”notwanted”> Ich habe mich nie für diesen Newsletter angemeldet </label>
    • <label> <input id=”two” class=”.myCheckbox” type=”radio” name=”reason” value=”notrelevant”> Die im Newsletter genannten Themen sind für mich nicht relevant </label>
    • <label> <input id=”three” class=”.myCheckbox” type=”radio” name=”reason” value=”notinterested”> Ich erhalte zu viele Newsletter </label>
    • <label> <input id=”four” class=”.myCheckbox” type=”radio” name=”reason” value=”often”> Ich bin an der Zeitarbeitsbranche nicht mehr interessiert </label>
    • <label> <input id=”otherreasons” type=”radio” name=”reason” value=”otherreason”> Sonstiges: </label>
    • <label> <input style=”height: 125px; width: 80%;” id=”otherreasontextfield” type=”text” name=”ownreason” value=”” placeholder=”Bitte geben Sie einen Grund an”></label>

    </div><div id=”emailproof”><label for=”mymail-email”>’.mymail_text(’email’, __(‘Email’, ‘mymail’)).’ <span class=”mymail-required”>*</span></label>’;
    $html .= ‘<input id=”mymail-email” class=”input mymail-email mymail-required” name=”email” type=”email” value=””>’;

    if($subscriber && $single_opt_out){
    $buttontext = mymail_text(‘unsubscribebutton’, __(‘Unsubscribe’, ‘mymail’));
    $html .= ‘<div class=”mymail-wrapper mymail-submit-wrapper form-submit”><input name=”submit” type=”submit” value=”‘.$buttontext.'” class=”submit-button button”></div>’;
    $html .= ‘</div></div>’;
    $html .= ‘</form>’;

    return apply_filters(‘mymail_unsubscribe_form’, $html, $this->campaignID);


    Hope somebody can help me with this.
    Best Regards.


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