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  • I have recently come across what seems to be a very useful third party plugin, Form Tools so I decided to upload it, top level directory outside of any WordPress folders. My WordPress folders are also top level.

    I installed Form Tools and specified the same database as WordPress (Form Tools creates its own tables prepended with whatever you want, I chose ‘ft_’).

    It all went seemingly well until I tried to login to Form Tools, but it just sits on the page after I type in my username and password. I tested this out in a non-wordpress environment and it logged in just fine, so to wrap up this long-winded statement of my issue; is it possible to use this tool with WordPress or not? If so, how do I do it?

    PS: I tried using CForms but it just can’t handle what I’m trying to do, multi-page forms with paypal integration.

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  • If you are still struggling with this I would recommend giving Form Tools it own database separate from your wordpress database.

    I use form tools with wordpress sites. as long as they are direct submit then you shouldn’t have any problems. If code submit then I usually have to create a separate form page independent of WordPress.

    Form Tools is not a WordPress Plugin but a very powerful php form processor and data storage application.


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