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  • I hve requested this before but alas perhaps I didnt quite share enough info.

    I want to allow guest posting.

    I was thinking of a simple form field which sits in the sidebar which people can use to submit a post (no image upload etc) just pure text

    which will allow them to add a post title and name or remain anonymous (no email or web address required)

    The post then appears in the moderation queue so that I can delete or approve the posting.

    I was thinking of a work around for this but will need to ask for asssistance.

    this is what I was thining

    create an account , set that account as being required for mod approval for posts

    then set up the form to email the post through, but the email must not post as the admin but rather as the newly set up user.

    essentially it would be very similar to a comment, but instead it gets it own post.

    Can anyone post me in the right direction ?

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  • I would like the same feature, actually. I am interested if anyone has implemented something like this.

    Why not just let users register as “contributors?” They’d use the regular WP interface to post, but their posts come in as drafts.

    I have an application that is basically a directory of sorts. I need certain information filled out. A form allows me to mandate that I get that information. A more full-featured interface, even one as easy as WordPress, would also require training, and my end users are strewn all over the state of California.

    The form-to-email route is so close to perfect that I an just taste it. All it needs is the ability to post to draft instead of publishing immediately.

    Has anyone found a solution yet ? I would like to have a form as well, as a lot of people find the process of registering too time consuming and complicated.
    At the moment I am trying to modify duplicates of post.php and edit-form.php to create a new template . Not very successfull so far… any ideas, maybe there is an easier way

    open ur database structure

    in post table defualt status is published, change that to draft.

    i hv just tried this for my self … but need to test it for a complete integrity.

    I was thinking of a simple form field which sits in the sidebar which people can use to submit a post (no image upload etc) just pure text

    Hmm…I think this could be done. Might be better – at least initially – to just provide a link in the sidebar that takes you to said form – rather than have the form in the sidebar itself.

    You can write your own form, with the necessary fields you want, and have it “attach” itself to WordPress by adding the call to the wp-blog-header in the top. You can then use all of the WP tags in the form.

    The end user could write out his post, and click “send”, and you could have it set up do that it sends the contents 1) to you (so you know something was sent) and 2) to the database. You’d have to find the proper strings to send it to the right table in the database, and set it as a “draft” – but I don’t see why it couldn’t be done.

    Interesting idea. Funnily enough, I’m taking my own form and trying to turn it into a WP plugin – it might work for this, as well. I’d have to play with it and see.

    Alternatively, is there a reason you couldn’t just have them use the commenting system? Or does it have to be a post? Have you seen the “Role Manager” plugin? That works pretty well – *you* can set users up with usernames and passwords, and they just login and post.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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