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  • Version 4.xx introduced some style changes.

    Version 4.xx, introduces more style settings for Style of labels, field inputs, buttons, and text.

    Version 4.xx has a new improved Styles settings tab. The style settings are now divided into “Alignment DIVs”, and “Style of labels, field inputs, buttons, and text”.

    “Alignment DIVs” settings are for adjusting the alignments of the form elements. You can also check “reset the alignment” to return to defaults and make the “labels on top” or “labels on left”.

    “Style of labels, field inputs, buttons, and text” settings are for setting style of the form labels, field inputs, buttons, and text.

    This is a great way to change label or field colors. For example, you can add color:green; to the “Field Labels” settings if you want (or any other color).

    If you have recently upgraded to version 4.xx from 3.xx
    Since the 4.xx version introduced more style settings, you may need to reset the styles to acquire the newest defaults. You can perform this for one form, or for all forms at once. See the page I linked below for instructions.

    Here is a help page with explanations of
    How to set or reset the styles of the form fields

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  • Thank your for this instruction update. Still, I cannot get the text input fields to expand beyond those set as the default, no matter how I change the numbers in the suggested field(s). Could you provide an example of exactly which settings need to be changed so that the width of the input fields re name, address, etc., is exactly the same width as the message area and each is twice as wide as the default?

    Since the theme css can influence the form CSS, I cannot give CSS help in the forum. Please submit a support ticket and I will help you by email.

    I also had the same dilemma of not being able to expand the text input fields since the upgrade. Thus it’s possible it may not have to do with the user’s supposed lack of CSS expertise as indicated in this thread. But that there may actually be a glitch in the update codes or something? Just saying.

    I also tried editing the CSS in the draft files (i.e. HTML version of the wordpress page I test on before updating it through wordpress) to no avail.

    One way or another, hope this gets resolved. I’d appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

    Please read last post, it applies to you also

    I had 29 forms in my installation.

    After the upgrade, I now only have 2, and a bunch of error messages for anything past the second form.

    I checked the DB, and it says I should have 29. All the data is still there.

    I have no problem tweaking the DB to fix this issue.

    Please advise.

    Hey Mike,

    Can we have three attachment fields in the form, one after the other.
    I am adding two more attachment fields to an existing attachment field & they are displayed below “Accepted File Types” and “Maximum File Size Allowed”.

    Is there any way that after adding these three field can we get the General settings fields such as “Accepted File Types” and “Maximum File Size Allowed” below those attachment fields.

    Document Verification

    One more thing could we send an email confirmation to the form filling user’s email address. Are there any settings for this kind of functionality.

    Thanks Mike.

    That did it.

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