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  • My CF7 submissions are emailed correctly, but are not added to my Campaign Monitor lists.

    I’m 100% positive that my API key, Client ID and List ID are correct – I’ve verified them all a number of times, they’re most definitely in order.
    The “Use Campaing Monitor” box is ticked, and the fields to be captured are named correctly too.
    I’ve tried with and without an acceptance field, which makes no difference.

    Perhaps something changed in WordPress 3.1.2 that broke it.
    Any ideas?

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  • I’ve also had this problem – seems that the developer hasn’t updated the plugin for a while. Someone should tell Campaign Monitor to stop pushing this on their site.

    I have the same problem. can someone please get back to us on this issue

    Plugin Author joshuabettigole


    I updated the plugin to use the latest version of the Campaign Monitor API. I tested it thoroughly with the most current versions of WordPress and Contact Form 7.

    Plugin Author joshuabettigole


    For those still having issues with getting your CF7 submissions into Campaign Monitor, it may be a matter with your PHP environment. The plugin prefers CURL as the primary means of communicating with Campaign Monitor. If that doesn’t exist, it tries to use a socket connection. If either of these functions exist and are allowed to be called from within the PHP installation on your server and information is still not getting passed to Campaign Monitor, it might be a firewall issue blocking outbound http/https traffic.

    thv20 – I did test the plugin against the newest version of WP and CF7. Neither caused any failures within the plugin.

    jkid10 – I know that I haven’t updated the plugin in a while, but it required no update. The day before I pushed version 1.00, it was submitting contacts to my CM account without fail.

    ignitionmedia – I do apologize for not getting back sooner. I thought I had this forum set up to notify me when new posts were made, but it never did.

    I’m having the same problem and I don’t quite understand your answer. How do I go about on fixing this?

    I’m using WordPress 3.2 btw, it worked when I was using 3.1.x with the previous version of the plugin then I upgraded to 3.2 and also upgraded the plugin which made the form send but not go to CM

    Plugin Author joshuabettigole


    One of the other possible causes that I’ve come across has to do with the resubscribe option. If your form worked before upgrade of the CM plugin, and now it appears as if it doesn’t, that might be your culprit.

    If your testing with an address you’ve previously added, then deleted or unsubscribed from Campaign Monitor, and you do not have the “resubscribe” option enabled in the plugin settings, it will appear to fail. Either enable the resubscribe setting, or try submitting a different address.

    The previous version just did the resubscribe by default, but I realized that was not always the desired behavior for everyone and decided to add it as an option.

    I have enabled the resubscribe setting, tested the form – the forms sends but still does not go to CM.

    I then tried downgrading the CM plugin but still, no fix. form sends but does not go to CM.


    Plugin Author joshuabettigole


    Please contact me through my website contact form on so that I can gather some more information from you.

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