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  • Resolved damianmerino


    This plugin is amazing, so simple, yet so good! I got one problem though… I can’t seem to find where the Billing nor Shipping data is kept or saved after payment.

    If I check my Stripe account I can find some of the BILLING details, but I can not find the shipping details anywhere, I have checked in different places in the backend and Stripe’s site, but no luck! 🙁 could you help in any way?

    Oh, and before I forget, will we have an option to add more fields or be able to change the ones existing in a near future? Love the interface but I would do with a couple of fields extra. Thank you so much! Keep up the good work 🙂

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  • Plugin Author Phil Derksen


    Thanks Damien, and we are accepting 5-star reviews currently. 🙂

    That’s strange on the billing details. We’ll look into it. Are you enabling both shipping and billing options in the shortcode since they’re two different attributes?

    As for extra fields, we’re working on that feature now. We’ll notify folks on the mailing list () when ready.


    5-star review, consider it done!

    Yes, both options (shipping and billing) are set to “true”.

    Infact, they do come up in the form but once the payment process is finished, the details entered for SHIPPING do not show up in Stripe or anywhere else.

    Looking forward seeing those new features! 🙂 Any ETA? Thanks!

    Plugin Author Nick Young



    Thought I would chime in here real quick. Currently, we do not capture the shipping and billing details to the WP backend or output them ( i.e. “Payment Details” screen). However, if you are having trouble finding them in the Stripe dashboard then I can help you there.

    1. Login to your Stripe Dashboard
    2. On the left nav click on “Payments” – this will bring up a list of recent payments
    3. Click on one of the recent payments to see it’s full details
    4. You will see a section “Card Details” – shipping and billing information should be shown here in the right hand column.

    Hope this helps, and of course let us know if you have any issues.


    Hi Nick! Thanks for your prompt reply.

    Yes, I checked there too, believe me, I looked everywhere. This was a test I did yesterday with shipping and billing options enabled. This was the result

    For some reason or another Stripe does not receive shipping information. I have tested it several times and even tried to go “live” and buy my own product but still, no luck!

    Hope you can help! 🙂

    Plugin Author Nick Young


    Just looked at your screenshot.

    1. Is the address that appears on the right there not the correct address?

    2. Maybe it is because the checkbox for billing and shipping is checked so you only get one address and it doesn’t show both?

    I have not actually tested the 2nd option, so that is a theoretical question more or less. At least get back to me about #1 so I can see if I can be of more assistance.


    Hi Nick,

    1. No, the address on the right is the billing address – I used “Urb. Billing” as my billing address and “Urb. Shipping” as my shipping address so I could easily spot them in Stripe. I could not find “Urb. Shipping” anywhere.

    2. I had to fill two separate addresses, so yes, the checkbox was unchecked. I have done around 10 different tests assuming that it was me the one that couldn’t work out how to use the plugin, but I am starting to think that this has to be some kind of bug somewhere.

    If you need more information please let me know 🙂

    Plugin Author Nick Young


    Thanks for the info, I will get back to you as soon as I can about a fix for it or other information.

    Plugin Author Nick Young



    Sorry for the bit of delay here. I did some researching and I couldn’t figure this out either. I went ahead and emailed Stripe support to see what was going on with the shipping address details, where they should show up, and if there might be something I am missing in the code that I need to fix to get it working.

    I am just waiting on a reply from them now, but I will update you as soon as I can.

    Thanks for your patience!

    Hi Nick! Thanks for the update. I am not sure if you’ve been able to replicate this bug or is it just me having this issue. Anyways, I would be more than welcome to help here if needed. Let’s see what Stripe comes back with. 🙂 Good luck

    Plugin Author Phil Derksen


    Nick and I did a bit of research as well as discussing this with Stripe. By design they do NOT store the shipping address separate from the billing address. They also require a billing address if you ask for a shipping address.

    At least the billing address is saved in your Stripe payments either way, but a custom solution would have to be developed to record & store shipping addresses separately.

    Sorry we can’t build it in right now, but is this a feature you need at some point?

    Hi Phil!
    Thanks for your answer! 🙂 Maybe I am not explaining myself right, but it sounds some kind of pointless to have an option to enable “shipping address” if it doesn’t store it anywhere 🙁 I mean, once a client fills in the shipping info, I cannot go anywhere to find it. A bit misleading :S

    Anyways, thanks for your support and your time!

    Plugin Author Phil Derksen


    Yep. I agree and I think we’ll remove the shipping address attribute in the next update to avoid confusion, at least until a custom solution is developed (if we decide to go that route).

    Plugin Author Nick Young



    Great news! Phil and I have found a work around that should do the trick at least for now. It will be available in the next update, so keep your eye out for it!

    Thanks for your patience on this issue.

    Nick Young

    Was this resolved?

    Can your plugin be used for transactions requiring a shipping address?

    Plugin Author Phil Derksen


    Yes, shipping and billing address data is all saved as part of the Stripe payment record.

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