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  • I was thinking an easy way to get customers to pay for a custom deal is to create an order and send the Customer Invoice email. The issue is that the resulting page (form-pay.php) does not include billing details that we — and I imagine — others require for fraud reasons. So when my customers try to pay, they are rejected. I also noticed that this endpoint is used under the my-account section to pay, so I assume what I’m trying to do isn’t too crazy or unheard of.

    What is the designed use case for form-pay.php? Am I trying to use it in the wrong way?

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  • And to just be clear — I see various actions I can hook into in order to add needed fields, etc. From my standpoint I like trying to understand the thought process, etc, when I start making mods.

    Thanks so much!

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    By sending the invoice email, you’re creating a manual order from the WooCommerce admin area. By implication, you should already know the address details of your customer beforehand.

    Instead, why don’t you simply send them a direct link to the cart or checkout page with all of the products that have already been added to the cart via URL parameters? Some more info here:

    OK — I like the card workaround. I’ll look into that. Does that allow discounts and multiple quantities?

    But I’m still curious what the purpose of the /checkout/order-pay/ is and how it should be used. Even if we know the address, the /checkout/order-pay/ doesn’t work because of the lack of address information to be sent to the credit card company (or PayPal, which absolutely requires it). It also doesn’t work for a customer that has an outstanding order to pay, such as a failed subscription payment (for instance)

    OK, I found a post which describes why there is no billing address:

    Guess the page really isn’t up to snuff for doing what I’d like it to do, both for new invoices as well as supporting current customer subscription renewals.

    Time to roll my own….

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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