• cynya


    Before I bought the upgrade extensions by 10Web, I tested a couple of basic ones and they worked. I talked to 10Web chat and they were responsive. At that point I upgraded. I have not been disappointed for one second. Form Maker deserves gold status, but so does 10Web. They make their products pretty intuitive right out of the box, so it doesn’t take a lot of time to get up and running. I haven’t even used half of the extensions yet, but the ones that I have used have been worth their weight in gold!
    If you want to see Form Maker in action, PhotoGallery, FAQs, you can go to my site at: guystobabes.com. If you don’t like the design of the forms, don’t blame it on 10Web, because they give you themes and the ability to modify your themes. Our Contact Us uses Form Maker, and also at the bottom of the page in the Contributor section you can see FAQs, and the baseball caps on the right sidebar are using Photo Gallery. I have a private section of the website that’s using the 10Web Event Calendar. I am a very happy customer!

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