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  • Hi there,
    Since I only just found this problem when trying to install WordGento I initially thought it was a problem with that plugin. But after doing a bit of searching, it seems it might be how WordPress handles form?

    My problem is that I’m trying to set the root path for my Magento installation so WordGento can access it. But my root path includes capital letters (for the development site). How can I change the settings to allow capital letters? Every time I try and enter the path, it converts it to lowercase, which of course ends up returning an error message.


    Thanks in advance.


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  • Chris Olbekson


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    Don’t use capital letters Period end of story!.

    As a general rule for quality coding and to adhere to WordPress standards the only place where capital letters are acceptable ( besides in anything output to the browser ) are in php Class_Names. Don’t use them in function names, call backs, taxonomy term slugs, custom post types etc, etc, etc…

    This is for a reason and trust me stuff will break if you don’t follow this.

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