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  • My form box is too high for the position on my website.
    I have limited the size of the .constant-contact-signup form in my theme’s style sheet.

    .constant-contact-signup } height:135px !important; }

    However, after resizing briefly the height returns to its new default. I’ve not see this before as it is affecting all my form designs. I see from Firebug that there is a hidden cc_redirect_url which is affecting the height of the form box. I really don’t want this.

    <input id=”cc_redirect_url” type=”hidden” value=”” name=”cc_redirect_url”>

    <input id=”cc_referral_url” type=”hidden” value=”” name=”cc_referral_url”>

    <input type=”hidden” value=”ea8d92e400d7fc88196be0a8b0964ebbde456346″ name=”uniqueformid”>

    <input type=”hidden” value=”3″ name=”ccformid”>

    How do I control this so that it remains hidden and I can limit the height of the form.


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