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    Firstly, unbridled thanks – not only for a superb plugin but also for truly exceptional responsiveness here. There can’t be another support forum with so many “Resolved” threads.

    I apologise if I missed the answer somewhere (I’ve only read the last 7 months of threads!) but how do I change the order of the fields in the submission form? I have added a custom field – “Home Town” – and logically want it to come after “Name”…but it is tagged on at the end, after the “Testimonial” field, where it looks out of sequence.

    And just out of interest, what does the “Attach an Image” option in the “New Testimonial” window actually do? I attached a small 40 x 60px JPEG graphic but couldn’t then find it used anywhere. I got the job done by using “Add Media” in the text editor so not a big deal.

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  • Plugin Author Jeff K


    Hey chappie,

    Currently the plugin doesn’t support ordering the fields. I have added it to my todo list, but right now I don’t have an ETA on when that will be finished.

    If you are familiar with javascript you can use that to reposition the fields for the time being.

    The attach an image option allows you to show a picture with the testimonial. The use case when I first heard the idea was to show the face of the testimonial author. While you can do this in the editor, it was a requested feature that was decent. The pre-made templates by default don’t show the image, however, you can go in and edit them to add it in.




    Hey Jeff,

    Seven minutes is a bit disappointing and I hope it doesn’t mean that your standards are slipping.

    (Thank you for replying somehow before I hit the Send button. You must be psychic.)

    Sadly Javascript is just one of many skills that I don’t have but it isn’t a big problem and I’ll hope to see such an option one day. On my side of the pond, Java means a cup of tea…

    I assumed that the Attach an Image feature would do that but it didn’t – presumably because I’m using one of the supplied templates. Must have missed that in the FAQ – but again, not a problem as Insert Media seems to do exactly the same thing.

    All the best to you.

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    Haha. I wish I could respond to all questions within that amount of time.

    I can’t recall if that information is in the FAQ or other docs provided with the plugin. I will be the first to admit those need to be updated as well.

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