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  • I have a form element in the external code I load into a tab in a wp-ui tabs entity itself loaded into the tab in a wp-ui accordion.

    For some reason, wp-ui explicitely strips the entire <form …> statement from the markup no matter where its placed in the markup.

    This is a very big problem for me and I fail to understand a) why the plugin would do this and b) how I can remedy the problem.

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  • Apologies. The title should have read “Form element stripped from nested wp-ui element”.

    To be clear, I can open the page in the inspector and see that all the markup from my external file is there -except- the <form …> element.

    I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the fact that the div (id=”ui-id-4″ is not populated on load and only when someone clicks on that tab of the wp-ui tab entity within the accordion panel.

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