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  • Hi: I have a bad feeling there might be an obvious reason why this isn’t working but here goes…
    I installed the plug-in ‘contact form 7’. I followed the instructions for installation. I activated the plug-in (no errors so far). I visited the admin page, and the only instruction I got was to copy the code [contact-form 1 “Contact form 1”] into my page where the form should appear. I did so. Then I clicked ‘preview’ and the form did not show up in the preview. The rest of the page content (header, sidebars, did). I thought maybe I had to publish the page for the form fields to show up, so I tried that. Same response. Is there some other little step in there that wasn’t mentioned?

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  • Tell us the URL of the site. And, what theme are you using on it? I am using my own custom theme.

    Do I need a hook, action or filter somewhere in my theme to make this plug-in work?

    OK, so I got it working. However, I don’t completely understand why it works. I would like to understand it better, so that my future work will go more smoothly.
    I thought that by cross-referencing the about custom template with the about page content (through the template field in the Page admin area) that that would be sufficient to generate the page.
    What worked was adding the post loop statements into the about page custom template.
    This may seem silly, but I don’t understand why I need the loop for my contact page … I am not outputing any post on the about page.
    If anyone has time to explain this, that would be nice. Thanks.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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