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    Hi forums,

    I’ve been searching through the plugins for something that can help me but I’m starting to think I might have to build this one on my own. But before I give in I figured I’d come here and see if anyone has any solutions to my problem using an existing plugin(s).

    The website I’m working on needs to manage all of the details of an exhibition.

    1) The admins running the exhibition set out how many spaces are available each with their own unique identifier/name/dimensions – all of this would be stored in a table.

    2) The users can then sign up for a space using a form. Ideally the spaces defined in the table would populate a dropdown in this form. After signing up for one of these spaces the space is no longer available in the form.

    3) The list of available spaces can be displayed on a page

    4) The user can return to a page (like in the “Participants Database” plugin) to edit their information and update the database.

    5) Photos can be uploaded at a later date and assigned to each user (this would be a photo of the work submitted) and then shown in a gallery of images.

    I realize this is asking a lot, and I wouldn’t expect any one plugin to cover all of these. But perhaps there are a few plugins that I can combine somehow to accomplish this.

    Thanks in advance,

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  • I’ve had no luck finding anything so I’ve gone about building my own plugin for this and am surprised at how much simpler it is than I thought it would be. Marking this resolved.

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