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  • Hi Lianne

    This is JJ from, first of all let me thank you for signing up with us. I’m here to help you with this issue. After you have set up your contact form, saved and succesfully published the changes you need to choose how you will implement your form. This can be done directly from the plugin.

    You can go to and check our tutorial videos that will help you with this.
    Here’s a reminder of the steps:
    download the plugin> create your account> configure your form and save and publish it> and choose the implementation on the plugin. Remember you need to place your website URL on the ContactUs panel, that way the plugin will recognize the site.

    Hope that helps,



    Thanks for the direction. I created first form ok but it is positioned too far down and right on the page. How can I adjust that slightly in the code? I watched the utube tutorial but it only showed how to move to top of page.

    Also, is it possible to change the overall size of the form?

    Finally, can the field titles be changed and/or fields deleted. I dont want the phone number fields and want to be able to customize fields in general while changing the introductory text for each form. Please advise. Thanks!

    Hi Ianne

    To fix this you need to go to your WordPress panel, then:

    Go to “Pages”>select the page that you want to change the position and size of the form> then input this tag:

    <div style=”margin:10px auto;width:600px;”>[]</div>

    So what you need to do is basically adjust the margin and width pixels, either increase or decrease manually the pixels, so you can adjust it the way you like. After that you can simply copy and paste it on top of your page’s content or at the end, it’s up to you 🙂

    Regarding the field titles, it is not possible to do so at the moment, we do have many templates that have different titles, but to customize them is not possible yet.

    Ok, thanks. How do I access the other templates?

    You need to access your’, go to the main panel and go to Form Settings> Configure Form> Form Templates. Here you will be able to choose the template that you prefer the most.

    Hope that helps.


    There is no “Configure Form” under my Form Settings – only “Choose your implementation” and “Select Your Contact Us Page”.

    That is because you need to login to your account here: so here enter your credentials, and you will get to the dashboard, here you will find the steps I mentioned above to select different templates. after you save your settings it will automatically update on the plugin so you can choose your implementation either as a form or as a tab.



    So all the work needs to be done on the website rather than the wordpress interface?

    when i click on form templates – nothing shows up for options

    how do you remove required fields?

    Hi Ianne,

    Were you able to use this plugin at all? Were you able to customize the form? So just to clarify, if you want to have a default template on your site, you can do it from the plugin, if you want to customize it, you need to do it directly on your account. On Form Settings>Configure Form.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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