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  • Hi. I cannot remember my username and when I click the only option for login help to manage my wordpress blog is a link wgich says “forgot pswd?”. I didn’t forget my password, only my user name. Should I just start all over or what? I am a y-store owner and set up the blog originally back in January of this year through my web hosting control panel.

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  • do you have the original email that was sent to you? ..

    give me a link so i can see what you are refering to … a link alway helps ..

    If you are the only user, there is a good chance that it is is ‘admin’. Otherwise you could use your (webhosting) control panel to have a look in the database.

    Is this what your looking for:

    I don’t have the original email; i searched extensively through my mailboxes already for it.

    “admin” doesn’t work, neither does

    Thanks for your help!

    Have a look at this page. It shows how to use phpmyadmin to change your password. You should not need to do this, but follow the instructions up to picture 4, which will show you your login name.

    IanD … wow … nice work ..

    Hope this helps BGB

    Wowzers! This seems awfully complex. Thanks for your help, but we still don’t see a way to log into phpmyadmin per your suggestion.

    It should be fairly straight forward 🙂
    Somewhere on your webhosting control panel should be a button to something that will let you manage your database. Who is your hosting company? It might be helpful (maybe worth asking your host how to do it too).
    Also have a look here. Lots of goodies there that might help – I can’t see that site from work so can’t be more specific.

    it looks like you are with Yahoo … I have heard more than once, PROBLEMS using them as your hosting with WP .. I might be mistaken .. but I would look into what Yahoo gives you ..

    I have not had the best luck using them with clients who have asked that I help them with simple website issues ..

    Thanks, we already have an email into yahoo support. We are a y-store – everything is hosted by yahoo. Chances are they will respond with non-helpful help menu links, etc. I found out where to install phpmyadmin in my web hosting control panel but i am hesitant to install it because I am not a programmer and i don’t know what will happen, if anything. continued spanks…

    Alrighty then! It’s all coming back to me. This is not the first time i have been told that yahoo won’t work for me long term if i want to integrate php enhancements. I don’t mind switching hosts, but I need more info…signing for now. Thanks for your email addy. Tatyana

    wow – once again he’s offering “services”…

    babygirlboutique – please make sure that you only contact reliable hosting companies for this sort of thing… and never EVER give your FTP info or passwords to someone unless you are sure they have an established reputation.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Please desist from offering any services.

    We help people here, on the forums, for free.
    We do not offer services nor do we allow them to be offered – free or not.

    Any further offers from you will result in your posts being deleted.

    I would also appreciate it if you would link to a site that actually works. Why would people want to take up your services when the only way they can check you is from Google’s cache and the wayback machine?

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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