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    I had updated as many plugins as I could find to make them compatible with 2.3 and meant to disconnect the rest before upgrading to WP 2.3 but I forgot that step.

    The upgrade was successful, but both front and back ends were sluggish. Plugins were working ok as far as I could tell. I edited a couple pages and got error messages at the top of the blog with “wp_post2cat or wp_categories” errors. I tried a repair at MySQL and got error and when I check through MySQL I get this:

    warning  : Table is marked as crashed and last repair failed
    warning  : 20 clients are using or haven't closed the table properly
    warning  : Size of indexfile is: 15360      Should be: 11264
    error    : Not enough memory for blob at 71020
    error    : Corrupt

    Decided to turn off all plugins but when try to get to dashboard now get these errors when I try to get to dashboard:

    WordPress database error:
    [Can't open file: 'wp_options.MYI'. (errno: 144)]
    UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = 'O:8:\
    WHERE option_name = 'update_core'
    WordPress database error:
    [Can't open file:
    'wp_options.MYI'. (errno: 144)]
    SELECT option_value FROM wp_options WHERE
    option_name = 'db_version' LIMIT 1
    Warning: Cannot modify header information -
    headers already sent by (output started at /home/[myusername]/public_html/wp-includes/
    wp-db.php:160) in /home/[myusername]/public_html/
    wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 390

    Deleted all plugins by ftp except askimet and hello which came with 2.3 and maintenance-mode which was was suggested and which I had activated. Tried another repair, did not work.

    I had backed up the datatase using wp-db-backup.php and it is in .sql.gz format.

    Is there any way to repair other than a complete restore? Can I turn off plugins through PhpMyAdmin or the pluggable.php file? If not, can I import the .gz file or does it have to be unzipped first? How would I go about that?


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  • whooami



    do what it says right on the plugin page: delete the files out of your plugin directory using your ftp client. :/



    Thanks whooami, but as I said above, I had already deleted all but the ones that came with WP2.3. I just deleted those also. But no change.

    Database is in format, my phpMyAdmin says at import tab “Imported file compression will be automatically detected from: None, gzip, zip” I am not sure why it says none then says gzip and zip after?? The only radio button available is .sql.

    My tz file is 240kb, phpMyAdmin says “max: 51,200KiB” Podz instructions at recommend no larger than 3mb, so perhaps I need to open and paste??

    Not sure how to open it.



    it means you can upload using no compression, gzip compression, or zip compression.

    It will figure out which, uncompress and place them correctly in your domain/sub-domain.



    Ah…ok thanks!

    One more question: Podz instructions (link above) indicate need to delete everything in db before restoring. But the instructions at say nothing about deleting anything.

    There are a couple plugin tables in the database that I didn’t get into the backed up db file. Nothing critical, but things I would like to keep.

    Is it necessary to delete everything?



    Problems resolved….

    The problems (other than couldn’t get to front or back end of site after upgrade!!) :

    • MySQL showed errors on checking, it couldn’t repair, but most tables checked OK.
    • phpMyAdmin said wp_options table was “in use” under “Type” column, all others said “MyISAM”.
    • Errors on front and back end of site showed problem with wp-includes/pluggable.php
    • There were also “”wp_post2cat and wp_categories” errors

    The solutions:

    • Deleted all plugins from plugins folder
    • Replaced pluggable.php with new file (not sure that was necessary though)
    • Deleted wp_options table at phpMyAdmin
    • Repaired database at MySQL
    • Was able to get to ..mysite/wp-admin/upgrade.php, ran the upgrade, and got repeated error message about database problems.
    • Finally got upgrade successful message and able to get to front and back end.
    • Had to replace name of blog and other options since I had deleted options
    • Replaced plugins by ftp and activated one by one, got errors with one of them until I updated it.
    • Everything seems ok now, except one error message at back end. Checked with default theme and error still there. Probably was there before upgrade and I just hadn’t noticed. Will start new post about it if I am unable to resolve it.
    • Didn’t have to delete and restore the entire database as I had feared I might 🙂


    I also made the same mistake (got interrupted and resumed, forgetting to disable plugins). You have to wonder how hard it would be for the upgrade process to do this or check that it had been done and if not to abort with an error message.

    The actions required to recover are beyond what many are comfortable with or know how to manage.

    I decided to finally do what I had planned for a long time, which was to set up a local copy of my blog and restore the last backup there, upgrade that and then compare the databases. This allowed me to identify some tables I could delete and, in the end, all was well. However, the process of installing a local copy (first on Vista, then XP) was unbelievable.

    and the post from jedhunsaker, e.g. The problems have not been fixed.

    In the end I

    1. Edited my hosts file to tell my browser that my blogs domain was at (same machine)

    2. Used wampserver ( to install all the components (on XP) needed to host the blog and get it working immediately with no need for messing around with problems like that indicated above (i.e., Apache, MySQL, PHP).

    3. Configured Apache to use a directory of the same name as the server hosting the blog.

    I already use Webdrive from SouthRiver Technologies (an upgraded version of a tool called netdrive that can be found for free, here: and Beyond Compare from Scooter Software.

    In future, I’ll do my upgrades locally first, as I should have done all along.

    I was fully backed up and don’t mind in the end having been forced to do something I had planned but I am dismayed that an upgrade should break so trivially.

    What I’d like to do now is have a way of posting locally and, when I’m ready, syncing the changes.



    As a footnote to the above I also ran into this PHP error, just in case anyone else runs into it. I gather that wamp packages with older versions of PHP (5.1) don’t have the problem.

    What I’d like to do now is have a way of posting locally and, when I’m ready, syncing the changes.

    get a blogging client like ecto or windows live writer.

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