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  • Plugin Author Sean Fisher


    You can do a number of things:

    1) Just delete the plugin and you’ll be let back in. Of course I want you to use it but if it’s necessary, it’s necessary.

    2) Look in your database. This is a little bit more confusing but it’s easy to find here. Look for a table named wp_options. From there, look for an option named ‘ld_login_base’. That is your login base.

    The design of the program is to hide the login base so by making it hard to find, I’m just doing my job. 🙂

    Thanks Alot for your quick response 🙂
    I found it in database but when i try it (The requested URL /sd was not found on this server.) ..
    So i just need to delete the plugin and install it again or there is other option ?

    Based on my experience, these steps are the fastest way to login if you cannot login after install this plugin :

    1. Look into the database
    2. Find a table named wp_options
    3. Inside wp_options table, find ld_hide_wp_admin
    4. Edit this ld_hide_wp_admin and type yep in option value box, then save.
    5. Find ld_login_base, delete login base (the special name you created for login) in option value box, and leave it blank, save.
    6. Refresh the database, then Logout.
    7. Login to your website using
    8. End

    Hi Kermit89,

    I’m experiencing the same problems, but I don’t understand your instructions, would you be able to explain it in terms that someone with very little computer experience can understand. For instance, what do you mean by database?

    Sean Fisher, how do I delete the plug in if I can’t access my wordpress account due to the app and me forgetting what my new url is? (I did this months ago and have accidentally deleted the document where I wrote it down) I know, I’m silly, but its done and I need to get my website back! Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂


    Hi all.
    I have a similar problem. Plugin hide /wp-admin and wp-login.php, but new url for login is not avalilble.
    WP version 3.5.1

    Solved. I just changed permalinks settings from ‘Default’ to ‘Post Name’. Try it, maybe it will be helpful.

    thanks joni jones

    if default is used in permalink settings this plugin breaks. hopefully Sean Fisher fixes it soon.

    I forgot my URL can anyone help me please ?

    If you used the lockdown-wp-admin plugin then the simpliest method is probably to delete the plugin from the backend, then you can login through /wp-admin again, reinstate the plugin if necessary and take note of the url this time around 😉 .

    All the best

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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