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  • Hi
    Searched trought support without finding the answer to this:

    I forgot my admin password, sent a request from the wp login form, and received an email as presented below. I visited the address – but the original password that I received when installing wp, doesn’t work when I try to log in after the ‘reset’.

    I’m aware of the phpmyadmin solution to password changing, but can’t log on to the web server for some days, hence looking for an alternative solution.

    Please help? 🙂

    Mail sent from the wp server to my email adress:
    “To reset your password visit the following address, otherwise just ignore this email and nothing will happen.

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  • hmm… even if you use phpmyadmin, you will still have to deal with the MD5 hash…

    Well there is Resetting_Your_Password#Through_MySQL_Command_Line.

    Once you are able to get access to your database, please consider using a better host. Here’s a list of a few hosts:

    Thanks – but at the moment I have no access at all to the web host (security issues due to the PC I have to use these days), so I must rely on the mail I got when pressing the button “forgot my password”: The mail says the password has been reset – but reset to what? – The original passoword received when installing wp is not accepted..

    When you do the “Lost your password” thing, it first sends an email with a link, clicking on that link then causes another email to be sent with the actual password.

    Also note the blog administrator email address will get an email saying “Password Lost and Changed for user: username”

    Thanks – now we’re getting to the point, but:

    1. I do get the email with the link (to the blog adm email address)
    2. I do not receive any mail containing any password (even though the only registered mail address is the above mentioned)
    3. I do get the verfication mail, saying the password is changed
    4. I’ve checked that my wp admin account is associated with only one mail address (ref. #1), so the mail containing a new passord should be sent to the same address as the confirmation address.

    What can be the reason why I don’t get the actual passord by mail?

    Thanks in advance:o)

    The admin email account, which is on the Options->General screen, and the user (and this user could be named admin) email accounts ARE two different things (as you probably know).

    Maybe spam catching software killing that email with the password?

    Since I do get both the request for new password and the confirmation mail, I don’t consider spam catching as a problem. Yet.

    I’ve checked the SQL file (old backup) to see if I’m accidently using two different mail accounts. I don’t..

    Insert statement from backup: INSERT INTO wp_users VALUES (1, ‘admin’, ‘one_of_the_older_passwords’, ‘admin’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘2006-09-07 22:56:03’, ”, 0, ‘user_name’) ;

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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