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  • Why fix something that is not broken?
    I’ve had a great faith in WP for being mindful about their updates For a web developer running several sites this forced rollout was a big steaming pile of something. Divi editor not compatible. Every website owner emailing about a broken site. Thanks a bunch.

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  • While I wouldn’t say the classic editor is completely broken, it does have some limitations and UX challenges. It’s not so much about fixing things that are broken and more about iterating to create a platform that can shift and grow. Also, block editing will allow WordPress to become more unified across different areas in addition to the post editor, such as widgets and menus.

    Thanks for making a note about Divi. It’s helpful to know what you’re working with as a reason behind why you wrote this review.

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    I have to agree with you @arttuk. We have about 300 clients and the backlash has been overwhelming for our little team. Did WP users ask for a better editor? Blocks? We certainly didn’t. My clients don’t care why their site doesn’t work (plugin/theme incompatibility) or why it doesn’t work like it used to (gutengarbage), they just want to get work done (as do we) and this has been the largest hit to productivity since our company started in 2015. I see the same rhetoric from @designsimply about how this is a good thing… (unified across different areas – what does that even mean?) I’d love to send my support calls directly to you or We use Divi as well, it’s the number one theme on the planet – you would think WordPress would work with their best allies to insure compatibility but even more than that, why why why did you say you were going to release it on x date and then not follow through with what you said, releasing it early? Most of our customers come from another vendor who didn’t keep their word or listen to their base, WordPress please don’t be like this. I welcome change. I like to grow. I also like backwards compatibility and better advanced notice. I especially like customer input and feedback. My suggestion moving forward is to adopt an Agile process management strategy – spend your efforts fixing the most requested things and drop the things people don’t like (hello dolly)

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