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  • Hi, Just like to say, WordPress is pretty sweet. Has everything I wanted (diary/blog) plus more.
    I have 2 copies. One is my public blog which anyone can read and post comments, and a private one.
    I just want to know, on my private one, I only have the single admin login, but can I force the user the login to view the page?
    I’m sure this would be pretty simple to enforce.
    If the code is simple, I will happily hack into my index.php. Thanks!

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  • I think what you want is post password, which isn’t implemented yet.

    Well yes, that could do what I want.
    But I was hoping for something less complicated. Merely, login to view the site, or nothing at all.

    I think required login to view the site would be a good addition.

    I would do that on an Apache level, not the WordPress level. Using a combination of .htaccess and htpasswd you should be able to protect any directory in a highly secure fashion. Searching on google will provide many tutorials for this, and your host’s control panel might even have a dialog for this.

    Second on allusion. To put this into a position of WP would be kinda foolish because WP could never do it as well as Apache could.

    Third on allusion. 🙂

    Part bump, part reply:
    I am looking to require people to register to the site before being able to see the blog. I would like to add a Login Screen to the front of the site (or add the Register php to an index page) to ask people to Register or Login if they have an account. Obviously Registered and Logged In users could skip this page after registering/logging in. If WP doesnt log you out unless you ask to, then users could skip the whole front page upon revisiting the site.
    I also need the registered users to only be able to add Comments, not add articles or update or edit the site in any way. Only adding comments allows me to maintain control over who can add posts/updates etc after they have become fairly active in contributing trackbacks etc and/or at my discretion. Basic registration would only entail the user to post comments. I guess its like being able to assign user priveledges to Membership Levels as i havent been able to find this functionality.
    Lastly, I have been trying to work out how to turn on the Registration feature of WP but every time I go to wp-register.php it says “User Registration is currently not allowed”… even though int he Options> General tab I have selected both Membership options. Any clues on this? I know I missed something small, but I cant see it!
    Thanks guys.. awesome job on this script and these forums!

    maybe this link will give some answers to this?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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