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    I understand that if a customer doesn’t manually pay for a subscription renewal, the subscription will continue to be placed on hold. Then, the subsequent renewal orders will not be made. However, some of my customers tend to make payments late i.e., two/three months later. Is there a way to force the on-hold subscription to renew automatically, having the renewal orders pending payment?

    For illustration, renewal order 1 September they don’t pay for it (will be on-hold), 1 October comes and they still don’t pay for it, 1 November comes and they still don’t pay for it. Can the system make the renewal orders for 1 October, 1 November,… until the month they pay for all the pending renewal orders all at once (come 15 November and they pay for 1 Sep, 1 Oct, 1 Nov – next renewal as usual 1 Dec)?

    Thank you in advance.

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  • salamlaslamofficial


    I am also facing this issue with subscription, I have purchased woocommerce subscription plugin but there is nothing on renewal its status is OnHold



    Hi, I am also facing the same issue. And for the subscription – currently I just have one – that’s put ‘on hold’ the first payment is made with ideal (that’s in the Netherlands a payment method that can’t be credited by the customer, only refunded by the seller) and a payment first made with ideal becomes a subscription that create a automatically payment, so the customer doesn’t need to pay it manually.

    So, why that is placed ‘on hold’ is a mystery to me.

    Anyone knows the answer/solution?

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