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  • This is really a shame it is being moved into the core. WordPress has been on the cusp of finally being accepted as an enterprise CMS, one that was getting more and more powerful. This seems like it wants to take a step backwards, and become a Wix or Squarespace for bloggers.

    Now, my situation is different then a lot of users, but my infosec teams does not allow us to use plugins. None. We are a publicly traded company, and I understand the reasoning, the big security holes in WP are 99 percent of the time related to a plug-in. It is something we have dealt with for 8 years, but that is OK. We have created a ton of customized functions that do what we need.

    Our corporate site is around 800 pages, we have a custom authoring tool, custom gamification on the company blog, personalization in partnership with another vendor that bases what you see on our site depending on a few different factors, etc…This new editor breaks everything. There is not a page that works anymore.

    So, we are at a crossroads, and right at the same time we are undergoing a redesign. We have known this was being pushed into the core in 5.0 for months, and while testing it we realized we had 3 options. Just make our theme for 4.9 and hope there are still security updates for the next 2 years, redo our entire custom architecture and every piece of existing content (again, 800 static pages) to fit 5.0 that has an editor that is 1/2 baked at the moment with no clear documentation, or move to a different self hosted open source platform that gives us the same control we have now and we know will be stable going forward.

    On Friday we were leaning towards a different platform, I gave it the weekend to give this editor one more chance, and the decision tomorrow AM is to move on.

    The option to “just install a plugin” to turn it off is not an option my team has, and by the sounds of every thread on this no one even knows how long you will be able to just disable it. A plugin to disable should not even be the correct way, there should be a constant saying if you want this or not.

    All pushback from the community has resulted in closed threads and the Automattic team shrugging their shoulders and saying too bad. In all the years I have used WP (going back to 2.x) I have never seen the disregard for the community, or the discord within the community that this has caused. If there was ever a cause for a fork, this might actually be it (I have seen a community this angry once before, anyone remember Mambo?), and it is going to be a sad day.

    I understand that the .com product is facing competition from squarespace and Wix, everyone knows this. The answer is not forcing this onto the self hosted and maintained community who have been the leading force in making WP as popular as it is.

    All good things come to pass, and with this being forced upon the user in the upcoming 5.0 release, I really feel sad. It’s either a fork or a mass migration coming. I can’t see professional development teams trying to use “blocks” in an enterprise CMS, let alone basing so much of their project on react.js … 2 poor decisions based on bringing in more users to the .com side.

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  • Plugin Author Tammie Lister


    Firstly, thanks for leaving a review. Every review is listened.

    It sounds to me like something is going wrong with the fallbacks and metaboxes for you. That’s possibly at the root of the issues. What should happen is it just fallback to the classic editor (existing one).

    If you are able to then creating an issue on could be a starting point to working through this with you, if you wish that.

    It is not as a project intended to just break, so this sounds like something to work through. It is important to get these stress cases and work together to reduce them.

    Forcing a move from WordPress? So what would be better by moving from platform to another one? Still have to redevelop every feature you have now 😀 . Instead, being crybabies embrace the change and work on improving already good solution for editor tools.

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