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    I am using the default theme and have set a static page to the front page of the site. In doing so, it seems to disable the 2 column layout, showing only the contents of the page. When I view the where the posts are shown, the sidebar displays.

    How can I force this theme to always display both columns in the layout ?

    Basically, I want to display the sidebar on the front page (and on all pages, this site is going to be mostly static pages)

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    All pages in Twenty Eleven are single column. If you want to change the default page template & the theme’s CSS, you’ll need to start by creating a child theme.

    Thank you. This is going to help me structure my work. Before I posted, I tried hacking it a little, I removed an if statement wrapping around the sidebar.php file, but nothing changed. I need to go find a copy of the default theme and revert it now, because I changed it on the server. Going to be more careful in the future.

    I am going to start my child theme now, but still looking to figure out the exact mod I will need to place in my child theme to force the sidebar display.



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    You’ll need a copy of page.php in your child theme with a call to get_sidebar(). Plus you’ll need to start amending the CSS via your child’s stylesheet to cope with a two-column layout. I’d recommend using Firefox with the Firebug add-on for this latter task.



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    Twenty Eleven has a page template with sidebar which you could use.

    however, using this might be tedious if you are working with mostly pages;

    Twenty Eleven manages the sidebar layout mainly with a body_class .singlular, which you need to suppress on all pages;

    Twenty Eleven – Sidebar on Single Posts and Pages

    if you want to keep single posts without sidebar, you need to edit this line in the function blacklist_body_class :
    if( is_single() || is_page() ) :
    and remove is_single() ||

    Yeah!!!! I have it working!! The child theme is installed and have edited it as needed.

    I found a few back and forth references to the ten and eleven versions of the theme in the codex docs, so I took a chance to normalize the references and examples all to the new version of the theme.

    Thank you both so much for the help.

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