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  • whooami



    most important mistake you made was trying to upgrade something that appeared to be ‘broke’. thats NOT the solution.

    what you needed to do at the point you were redirected to install was to check your database, and see if the options table was in need of a repair. The ONLY time wordpress prompts for an install is if, for some reason, it cant ‘see’ the options table.

    you can do that now, of course, but you may have hosed up other stuff with the attempted upgrade. Cant say until you solve the other issue.



    Yep, your right, I freaked out and went right for the upgrade which now clearly seems like the dumbest thing I could have done. I did a backup of my database prior to my “upgrade”. After checking my database I can see that what you said about the options table is exactly correct. I’ve got this error message:
    #1016 – Can’t open file: ‘wp_options.MYI’ (errno: 145) and

    #1105 – File ‘./blog/wp_options.MYD’ not found (Errcode: 13)

    Is there anyway to repair this? The wp-options table shows ‘in use’. Should I go ahead and restore my database to before the upgrade? Will that help?

    I am having the same problem and confused as to how to correct it. I have not reinstalled anything. The problem just self-corrects after about 10 min, but then reoccurs later. Please help.

    Misko Stanisic


    The same: I was saving a post when instead of showing me ‘post updated’ I was brought to a install page– the 5 minute install page asking me for my blog title and email address. Now it only shows that page.

    I checked out the database and found:
    #1105 – File ‘./my_wordpress/wp_options.MYD’ not found (Errcode: 2)

    I have NO idea why would that happened? I didn’t do anything!!?

    Well, now I wonder how can I repair it? I have a database backup (but maybe with this error in it?). Can my blog be saved?

    I’m using WP 2.8.5

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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