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  1. mlogos
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thanks to WordPress my site - it's been up for over 5 years - is now fried. I was told (not too kindly) to remove WordPress from my url. Just tried to do that and now I cannot login to my dashboard, the site is totally weird looking, checked the database where everything in options looks correct.

    Thank you WordPress - I am basically out of business. What I have been doing since 2004 is promoting YOU!

  2. molnarm
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Please provide more details. What do you mean by "removing WordPress from URL"? You moved the files? Modified permalinks or .htaccess file?

    The Moving WordPress Codex page might be worth reading...

  3. mlogos
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Finally got the site back. Had to hard code urls in the wp-config file - don't like it but it works.

    What I meant was that the word 'wordpress' is in my domain name and I was told that is now against the law even though I've had this domain since 2005! So am trying not to make it show up in the address bar by using another domain name I own. Must have done something wrong because according to those who should know, it's easy to do.

    So it's back to the drawing board and hope the sheriff doesn't show up at my door. :)

  4. Forced to remove WordPress from my url

    Forced how and by who?

    Thanks to WordPress my site - it's been up for over 5 years - is now fried.

    Okay, again... How?

    I was told (not too kindly) to remove WordPress from my url.

    If it was in your URL such as your-blog-url/wordpress/ then that's not an issue.

    If you are including wordpress in your hostname such as http://something-wordpress-here/ and not as a subdomain (wordpress.your-domain.com) then don't so that.

    Sub-domains are fine but putting a trademarked thing like WordPress in your domain name is a no-no.


    Aside from being upset, what's the problem you are having?

  5. mlogos
    Posted 4 years ago #

    As I said - I was unable to login to my dashboard and the url redirected to a idfferent url that appeared to be not active.

    WordPress in the domain name is a no-no NOW - it wasn't in 2005! So I was told to change it so wordpress does not appear in the address bar.

    I guess what I have to do is move my entire site to a new domain. Think that is totally not right.

    As far as the problem I am having, it is now sort of solved by changing the wp-config file.

  6. I'm thrilled that you got your site back, so that's good.

    If you've fully backed up on both the file and database level, and know how to restore it, then you should give this a try for updating the site URLs.



    Add those two lines to your theme's functions.php file, comment out the fix in wp-config.php and then visit your site.

    If you can get into the admin pages and check the site URL, then remove the new lines from the functions.php file and you should be good to go.

    If something goes tragically and catastrophically wrong then restore your backups.

  7. mlogos
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thanks Jan - I am the queen of backups so I have those in spades.

    Thanks for the ref to functions.php - it's what I needed.

    But according to Matt Mullenweg I 'should be able to set the new URL in WP and it'll redirect all the old content automatically thanks to the canonical URL functionality.'

    That's what I was trying to do when it all fell apart!

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