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    hi folks,

    today i received an e-mail that i have to upgrade my cookiebot plan because my testversion is about to end.

    why do i have a testversion? i thought that the cookiebot plugin is free when you have less than 100 subpages.

    i only have 22 subpages and they will not grow and now I MUST PAY? are you serious?

    thanks in advance

    greetings to you all

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    *Looks. Has more coffee.*

    Huh. From the plugin page. Emphasis added by me.


    Cookiebot is a cloud-driven solution that enables full cookie compliance, offering:

    This plugin is an interface to a cloud bases service. It’s a “Software as a service” plugin. That service has conditions so yes, it looks like you need to pay for the service.

    I suggest you uninstall the plugin and move on. SaaS plugins are legitimate and allowed in the WordPress plugin repository. The plugin code is free, the plugin’ service may not be or has pricing terms.

    is there an alternative to cookiebot?

    Please do not ask that in Cookiebot’s plugin support sub-forum here. That’s not apprporiate as this sub-forum is for supporting the plugin code (not the service) here. If that continues then the topic will get closed as, well, that’s not appropriate.

    Try this plugin search instead.


    If you have any questions about any of those other plugins then ask those questions in those other plugin’s support sub-forums as appropriate.

    Plugin Author cookiebot


    Hi @seto76,

    If you have less than 100 subpages, Cookiebot is free.

    We would be happy to investigate why we have detected more than 100 subpages on your website. Sometimes it happens that WP websites use attachment pages, which are full-blown pages for media items such as images. If this is the case, you can try disabling attachment pages with the following plugin (or try finding a guide on Google):


    In any case, we would require a domain domain to investigate your case further.

    @jdembowski thanks for the support 🙂

    Plugin Author cookiebot



    Also, users receive a URL-list by email when we inform them about that their account has been upgraded from Free to Trial. Please verify if there are URLs that do not exist on your website.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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