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  • I’m not happy how i have to send you my email in order to use the plugin. That’s not cool at all.

    Oh speaking of invasive, you just emailed the administrator’s email of my WordPress installation, which wasn’t the email address I provided. Also you emailed me my website’s URL. What other information are you harvesting from the plugin installation???

    You should respect the privacy of the users of your plugin. I will not be using this plugin until all my privacy concerns are met.

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  • Shay


    Hi Fastmover,

    My apologies for your experience here, hopefully it might make more sense as to why we do this if I shine a little light on it. This newest version of Leadin is a complete rebuild of the tool to provide a cloud-based account for your Leadin data rather than storing the information inside the WordPress MySQL database as the plugin once did. In order for you to sign up for a cloud account with Leadin an email address is needed to both tie the account to but also to accept our terms of service for this account. Unfortunately we are unable to offer this version of Leadin without providing an email address.

    To explain, we rebuilt Leadin to be cloud based in order to provide a more secure and scalable version of the tool. Our MySQL based version caused considerable pain for users as they began to get more and more visitors to their site. As Leadin stored more information in their database it caused their site to slow down. On top of this a number of our users experienced issues losing their Leadin data as other backup and security plugins would drop the Leadin tables from the database. These are some of the main reasons why this newest version is cloud-based rather than locally stored.

    If you did want to use Leadin without providing an email address we do have a ‘snapshot’ version of Leadin prior to our cloud-based update which we call LeadOut. This version is our PHP-MySQL based plugin and does not require an email address to use, however it is a much older version of Leadin and does not include some of our newer features, performance improvements or bug fixes as it is an unsupported version of Leadin. If you wanted to learn a little more about this version of Leadin check out our guide here: There is a step during setup which asks for an email address (to send submission notification emails to) but you can leave this blank.

    I hope this helps, please let me know if there is anything I can clarify or if you have any follow up questions.


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