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  • Is there a plug-in out there for MU that will force users to change their passwords?

    I’m looking around and I see a few older plug-ins, but am not sure what to use.

    My goal is to send an email to all users and tell them they must change their password, and/or force a new password until they change it.

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  • You can log them all out by changing your salts and keys…

    I’ve not heard of a plugin to do the rest.

    Hmmmm…okay. Thanks. Because I work at a University, we have a security policy that says users must change their passwords every ninety days. This is a critical component of security on campus. I guess that’s something that needs to be built.

    AHA! Once I started looking at it from the ‘password expiration’ angle, google was my friend.

    Ah, okay, thanks…I was looking from the password reset angle. Thanks for searching that out for me. I will test. Good stuff!

    Let me know how it works 🙂 I may have a use for it. (The ‘not logged in for x day’s feature looks wicked cool.)

    Yeah, I think we may need to add this to our bag of tricks… 😀

    Installed and tested on a multi-site network.

    Adds a panel to the lower left rail below Settings:

    When click, Pass Expire Settings, shows you a panel of options:

    Unfortunately, I click reset all and tried to set the expiration for 30 or 60 days and it doesn’t save the action. Nothing happened.

    There is a filter to see who hasn’t been active in so many days, but that’s not working either.

    I pinged the developer yesterday, but no reply.

    Andrea, this would be a most important addition to WordPress. I have 200 users and I don’t have the time or luxury to go into every one and change their password. Universities require a password change every 90 days. I’ll ping Andre Nacin and mention it to him, but if you could bring this up to the powers that be, I would appreciate it.

    Tony Zeoli

    I think you’ll get “this is plugin territory”. I have as much access to Nacin as you do. 😉

    Also, 3.2 is in beta so devs are focused on getting that out the door, no new features.

    Your best bet woudl be to get a developer to fix the plugin.

    I see Andrew in person from time to time, since he’s local to my area. I’ll bring it up to him at WordCamp Raleigh.

    I don’t agree that this should just be a plug-in. I’m not sure if you realize how critical this feature is and would be helpful to many corporations who want to work with WordPress, but don’t have the ability to force a password change.

    I’m working on getting the dev to update the plug-in. In the meantime, I posted this to the WordPress Ideas page and will be touting this to all my WordPress friends.

    Actually, I do work with universities and realize how critical this is to them.

    WordPress has millions of users – not all universities. I’m also familiar with contributions and how options are weighed – such as when it makes the most sense for the majority of users. I’m not saying it will get turned down out of hand – I’m suggesting you expect that possibility.

    Word Press cannor see that we are having problems changing our passwords????? This is a problem they can correct very easily,,,wonder why they are not fixing it?
    I think I iwll change companies. No sense dealing with someone that will not work with you.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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