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  • Jason


    I’m in a situation where I have new staff coming and going frequently. For whatever reason my wp-activate page is blank but returns 200 OK, no errors in the debug log or the system log. So I have no idea what’s going on there.

    Ideally they would simply click the activation link and set their own password, but that’s not working.

    Even if it was working, I would still love the ability to select a user in the Network Admin interface (Multi-site) and “Expire” that persons password, forcing them to change their password the next time they log in.

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  • paulswarthout


    The simple solution would be to change a user’s password to some unknown (maybe random) password, which would force the incoming staff member to go through the “forgot your password” process to reset the password.

    Another easy solution, would be to just generate the new password from the existing user profile (when logged in as admin) and give it to the new staff member and tell them to change it the first time they log in.

    The more difficult solution would involve developing a user manager interface that understood topics like ‘password age’ and expirations, etc. It could be a plugin that runs quietly in the background every time a user logs in. After so many days, it would expire, or you could set it to immediately expire.

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