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  • Hey everyone,

    This is my first post on this forum, and I thank everyone in advance for all their help. I’ll try to contribute as much as I can as well.

    My current WordPress project: I’m basically turning a WordPress site into a simple private “filebox” for clients. I have this almost working besides one issue, when I navigate to other pages by manually deleting the address in the browser’s URL box, it takes the logged in user, which is otherwise restricted from all other content and pages, and gives them the index page of the site. I’m using Peter’s Redirect Plugin to take specific users to their custom download page powered by WordPress Download Monitor.

    I’ve tried many things to solve this issue. I’ve tried using wp_logout() to force the user to logout when they try to manually navigate the URL in the browser (I get header errors, even when I check my files for blank lines). I’ve tried various plug-ins like Access Control Manager and Role Scoper, but it all seems to not do anything for the manually astute user.

    Is there anyway to force WordPress to log out the user when the URL in the browser changes? Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated!

    Thank you in advance,


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