Force the visual editor to use ABSOLUTE URLs ? (2 posts)

  1. sabinou
    Posted 6 years ago #


    Please, would you know if there is a way to force my wordpress blog (version 2.8 here) to ONLY use absolute URLs ?
    (And definitely give up on relative URLs)

    The fact that wordpress badly deals with relative URLs is widely known, and it has complicated my work a lot.
    Recently I had yet another illustration, while hyperlinks are correct when a blog note is open (fancy permalinks : root/date/post-name)... However, if I just open the category to which the posts belong , then the hyperlinks shown above the --more-- tag will become broken (structure : root/category/date/post-name).
    All that because of internal URLs automatically written like that ../ - I know I can manually fix that, and this is what I have to do all the time. I'd like to avoid having to do it manually.

    If you know of a way to achieve that, even if it means hacking into the code and having to do it again with every wordpress update, I'll be gladly trying it :)

    Thanks a lot if you can help,
    Best regards,

  2. sabinou
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I allow myself to bump this question :)

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