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  • I want every page of my website to force https. Currently, my website only goes to https when a link is clicked within the website, but not initially (from an external link or direct address typing).

    I’ve tried adding the code listed in the FAQ’s:

    function custom_force_ssl( $force_ssl, $post_id = 0, $url = '' ) {
        if ( $post_id == 5 ) {
            $force_ssl = true;
        return $force_ssl;
    add_filter('force_ssl' , 'custom_force_ssl', 10, 3);

    But it didn’t seem to change anything.

    I’ve tried putting a “/” in the URL filters as suggested and it forces HTTPS, however, it adds “~myname” to the url when typed, breaking the link.

    For example, when you type, it redirects to Yet all links within the site still work properly.

    I know I’m missing something simple, I just can’t figure it out. Please help!

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