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  • We all know there are a glut of repeated threads, some as old as a couple of hours and another user will post the same subject. This seems to be the procedure:

    User faces problem> user finds support site> user goes to forum area most relevant > user posts question

    I know 99% will probably say a user should have the freedom to search if they want, but why not force a user to search before posting a topic?

    I don’t if or how it would work, but if instead a new topic area, you directed them to search. Now if they have to search everytime they want to post a new topic it would get them into the habit of searching for the correct term and using it more often.

    So, user makes search > results are displayed > link which says “not found what you’re looking for? Post a new topic”

    or something. Maybe even include results from the codex and make thre results page longer

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  • Jinsan-san,
    I added your suggestion to the discussion on my site:

    The addition of search results from Codex suggestion is already there.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Although I sort of agree with your overall sentiment ….

    I think as bbPress matures, and the WP resources increase, search results will improve.

    There are various types of user:

    • those that come here, would rather not post and search diligently.
    • those that do search, but are not sure of the right terms, so their search result is empty / not useful
    • those that arrive in a BLIND PANIC and SCREAM HELP
    • those that are convinced that they are experiencing an error that is exclusive to them and has never been seen before so why bother searching ?
    • those that cannot be bothered to search, do not want to be referred to another thread and want all the answers absolutely perfectly tailored to their wants.

    So search results are of limited use. That said, the amount of repeat questions has fallen dramatically since Matt made the addition above the New thread box.

    There is also the issue that the forum as it is carries information going back to 2003 – and even 1.2.2 info is not necessarily applicable to 1.5. As such, some information – though it looks like a repeat, may well not be.

    Repeat questions also point to a need for docs, and very clear docs at that. Such docs need to take into account the broadness of topics requested, the different ways that questions are asked.

    I’d add that repeat questions also serve another useful purpose: they are great for those people who are coming back to the forums and looking to help out. It is very daunting to type an answer out for someone, esp knowing that they will go and change their blog after reading your advice. So by seeing a repeat question and safely knowing the answer, you can type away happily. The poster gets their answer, and you get that great feeling of having helped someone out – a feeling you can repeat many times daily by just coming back here ! 🙂

    And hey, if everyone searched and found, maybe I’d have to talk to my wife too dammit !


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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