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  • Vaughan


    Hi Damian

    Superb plugin, I’ve been testing out several similar ones and all of them missed out on crucial features that yours includes. Am very impressed.

    I’ve looked through the support and FAQ, and just had a few queries please:

    * From the looks of it, each popup creates its own cookie. We want to use popups to display different news items to different sets of users. When updating the news items, I was hoping to simply edit an existing popup and have it pop up anew but changing the cookie duration will not update an existing cookie a user may have (i.e. they’ve seen the popup before and closed it). Do you suggest creating a new popup for each time the news is updated or is there perhaps another way of forcing a popup to display again?

    * Is there any way for a popup’s contents to be based on the contents of a post? This way, one can have a summary of all the posts used to populate popups in one place without duplication.

    * It would be great to add an option for the user to check a box whether to show the popup next time again. Sometimes you don’t want to check out the popup immediately but would like to see it again.

    Thanks again for your great work.

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  • Plugin Author Damian


    Hi Vaughan,

    1) Yes you will have to create a new popup for each news, or place 0 days in cookie field to make the popup always show or make the cookie field 1 day if you change the popup every 2

    2) There is no such feature in the plugin, but im sure if you do some research you will find a plugin that let you use shortcodes to display latests posts , etc. Then you can place that shortcode in the popup

    3) I think You need to play with cookie duration or not use cookies at all in order to get that.

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