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    Since WP 5.1, Force Login always shows the login screen, but the password is always wrong. I have to ask for an email every time. Once the password reseted, it’s OK until the next reconnection.

    Is there any way that the right password is remembered?
    It’s to avoid asking for a reset password mail every time.

    Before WP 5.1, it worked fine.

    Force Login is not alone. I tested various such a plugin, and always the same problem.

    Does WP 5.1 change any thing about that?

    Thanks a lot.

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  • Plugin Author Kevin Vess


    Hi, thanks for using Force Login!

    Force Login only redirects visitors to the login screen, requiring them to log in. The creation and management of user accounts (including passwords) is handled by WordPress.

    Considering this is not an issue with Force Login, I won’t be able to help troubleshoot it.

    Good luck!

    Thank you for your reply.

    Sorry, my English is not good, and I certainly did not express myself very well in my post.

    It is not a problem of user accounts management. I know it’s handled by WordPress. I have many users managed in my site.

    Force Login works: it shows the login screen instead of the site.


    even if you type the good password, Force Login does not recognize it.

    Private Site has the same problem since WP 5.1 (it worked fine with WP 5.03). And on the Private Site forum, another webmaster says to have the same problem, since WP 5.1.

    Did you test Force Login with WP 5.1 ?

    Best regards.

    Plugin Author Kevin Vess


    Force Login works: it shows the login screen instead of the site.

    This is all Force Login does, it sends visitors to the builtin login screen. As you’ve noted, it works.

    Force Login does not store or validate passwords; that is handled by core WordPress functionality.

    It is likely another plugin or your theme is causing this issue. As you’ve noted, the issue still occurs when you tried other various plugins – i.e. when not using Force Login, the issue still exists.

    Did you test Force Login with WP 5.1 ?

    Yes; it works in WP 5.1 and I’m able to login without problems.

    Thanks, good luck!

    OK, thanks. The problem still remains with all the plugins disabled.

    I suppose it comes from FirmaSite Theme and its enhancer. Too old and not compatible with 5.1. I’ll check it.

    Plugin Author Kevin Vess


    Excellent, I’m glad you figured it out!

    Be sure to rate and review my plugin to let others know how you like it.

    Thanks for using Force Login!

    Force Login works very well with WP 5.1, and it is very simple to install.

    But the theme must not be too old. For example, Force Login does not work with FirmaSite Theme which was last updated on October 25, 2015 (3 years and half ago). It worked until WP 5.03.

    For example, with Catch box, updated one month ago, there is no problem.

    I donated one beer (I hope it will be enough) for Force Login!

    Plugin Author Kevin Vess


    Thanks for the donation! Much appreciated 😉

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