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    I decided to help a friend with his hobby webpage. They make weird space music and call themselves Andromedans. I figures out how to give the page a custom Alien script font, when you select an Andromedan Page.

    When they open the website a landing page appears where they are supposed to select the language they want to use. As you can see I have linked the “english” Version, but now I am confused on how to link the other 2 languages.

    The posts page for English is: but how can I display the other languages?

    Sorry this seems to be a pretty basic question, but I am confused about the plugin and am not sure on where to carry on atm.

    Thanks for reading,


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  • Plugin Author Chouby


    How did you create the link to the English version?


    the link to the English Version is the standard link, set under

    Settings -> Reading -> Front Page -> “Landing Page”

    Plugin Author Chouby


    This is how you chose to use the “landing Page” as front page. But the content of this front page, including the flags and the link, how did you create it? What is your theme?

    Thanks for reading 🙂

    The Theme is a standard Artisteer generated Theme. The first page is a static front page with disabled sidebar … The flags are just sliced pictures, exported from Photoshop.

    I’d just like to know if there is a way to force a specific language like

    Plugin Author Chouby


    I fear I don’t now Artisteer…

    For what I have seen from your site, you have created 3 pages which are translations of each other: landing-page, landungseite, landingpageandr. That’s the correct way to do.

    There is also a page news which for some reason I don’t understand is also a translation of landungseite and landingpageandr. I guess you defined this page as “page for posts” in settings->reading

    You should create new pages in German and Andromedann let’s say news-de and news-andr and declare them as translations of news (instead of landungseite and landingpageandr).

    The last point is to affect the flags a link to these two new pages. I guess you can use exactly the same you used to create the linkf for the British flag.

    It wasn’t so clear when I looked at it, but now I feel a bit silly that I did not realize myself. Thanks for clarification on the procedure. You explanation helped me resolve this.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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